Beyond your current health insurance

Karlsson offers you personalized supplementary health insurance. Get everything in one policy and only pay for what you really need. Join our community and become one of the first to love insurance with Karlsson. 


Getting started with Karlsson



Tell us about yourself.

We want to get to know you, to create the perfect health insurance for you. Not only your name, but also your personality and what you really care about.


"Hi, I'm Anna. Here to help you with your health insurance! What's your name?"



Your risk profile.

We show you where your risks really lie and help you understand what needs protection.



Your personalized supplementary health insurance.

We build health insurance blocks around your risk profile. Achieve perfect coverage and only pay for what you really need.


The community is growing! So, what are you waiting for?


Health Insurance for Business, Made Easy


Karlsson also helps your business grow by relieving your HR team from the hassle of insurance. Become an advocate for your employees' health by joining Karlsson today. 

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